Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM) 2020 Every thing you need to know about

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Grand Egyptian Museum is Egyptian gift for humanity and the world, which is a complex archaeological, cultural, research and science globally, it is not just the largest museum, but a real chance for all researchers from all over the world to study the history and civilization of Egypt. The creation of the Grand Museum was a dream that appeared in 2002, and it prevented the conditions that were passing by Egypt in that period without the occurrence of any progress in the completion, until the transformation of « dream » into « reality » solid concrete.

The Grand Egyptian Museum 1

” Grand Egyptian Museum .. a dream of dreams for years throughout, was waiting for the decision sovereign, to turn it into reality to be a masterpiece of the civilizations, but leap high towards the glory of civilization , but what passed by the country of the revolution in 2011 had a negative impact towards the beginning of the achievement of the dream , until it came the right time of starting the new construction to be the tourism capital, not in Egypt, but the whole world . .

The Grand Egyptian Museum 2

It was decided that the great king statue Ramses II Welcome the guests at Museum gateway , then his statue transferred  from the Original place Ramsis Square , which is called after his name , the date of the transfer of the King of Kings , and the myth of the Pharaohs Ramses II to be the mark of the beginning The launch of history and the symbol of the Pharaonic civilization « pyramids » and the new tourist capital .. Where it was decided on January 25 , 2018 to enter the statue to the great Egyptian Museum lighthouse of new world culture .

The Grand Egyptian Museum 3

– When and how the dream of Grand Egyptian Museum was revived after a long pause?

The decision to complete the revival of this huge project, After President Abdel Fattah Sisi became the president of Egypt, He has access to all the pending and outstanding projects strategy, and on the top was the Huge Project of Grand Egyptian Museum GEM.

He gave the order to accomplish this project to be  continued opened in 2020, and this proposal was during the  engineer Ibrahim Mahlab was the prime Minister of Egypt and Dr. Mamdouh Eldamaty was the Minister of Antiquities , but the study predicted the cost of financial budget, without entering the details of many other issues like studing of the area surrounding the museum and display of many new ideas , and that was a lead in to become the region ‘s  capital and the main tourist destination , the decision came that we need to « achieve the dream » is the most important of the implementation of the first stage, which included the roads surrounding the museum ,and the second decision was to built the tunnel of Fayoum , the decision III transfer shooting club ofthe armed forces , decision IV assigned to the committee under the chairmanship of Prime Minister personally studied all the areas surrounding the great Museum and the work plan of investment with areas surrounding it , and has already issued a decision in accordance with the directives of the President during the weeks , there take care of intense awareness Towards the file .

The Grand Egyptian Museum 4

– How much of an area of the region fully after expansions of new projects?

This area of 9,400 acres, its borders as follows .. The eastern canal Mansuriyah, alone west by Fayoum with the oases, and this region, the entire area of re-planning, there is a committee headed by Dr. Mustafa Madbouly Chairman of the Council of Ministers and the Ministry of Defense and the engineering committee  of the province of Giza , and all the parties concerned assigned to this study the conscious planning conscious of the region.

The Grand Egyptian Museum 5

– What about the Fayoum tunnel and How is the expansion area plan?

  The Original executive plan of GEM museum was displayed depicting the roads surrounding Grand Egyptian Museum was not enough to fit the Huge project and the proposed establishment of a tunnel through the Fayoum length of about 1200 meters « tunnel pyramids » to facilitate access to the Museum area, which is a about 6 lanes of traffic for each direction , in addition another services tunnel  « Electricity – Water – Gas » service extension of the future of the whole area to achieve full connectivity between Grand Egyptian Museum and the club shooting pyramids plateau and provides easy movement and access for all tourists in a safe way, on that to be completed on 30 June 2020 , a date which coincides with the opening of the museum .. and thus will be achieved the establishment of the first activity hotel tourist entertainment Gary is on the plateau pyramids .

The Grand Egyptian Museum 6

– What was the management of the budget of the establishment of Grand Egyptian Museum ?

It was held more than 34 meetings in 20 weeks , and was the resulted be reducing of the construction cost   of one billion and 600 million dollars to 950 million dollars and the completion of the project , without prejudice to its provision of 650 million dollars , and it must be going through this study by Mr. Eng . Ibrahim Mahlab « Assistant President of the Republic projects » on 24 December 2015 presented by the study and the summary of the meeting was positive, and he succeeded to reflect the right image accurately to the  President Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi . and that was the turning point and the transformation of the project in February 2016 .

then became a vision for the completion of the project , and was directed by the President to the Prime Minister Sharif Ismail masterminding the financial project by finding resources and ensure non – stop second , it was all available from the facilities and management of the Ministry of Antiquities amount 800 million pounds, but in the first year  it has been providing one billion and 800 million pounds this , which achieved a boom big for Parw ,.

Ramses II
The Grand Egyptian Museum

– What are the sources of financial funding for the project ?

A protocol of cooperation between the   Egyptian government and the government of Japan on the establishment of the great Egyptian museum through a long – term  loan with a simple margin of profit value of about 300 million dollars , to the side of the Egyptian to complete the rest of the value of the project from the budget of the Ministry of Culture and then « about 500 million dollars », and after commissioning building Engineering in February 2016 has been coordinated between each of the « Ministry of cooperation the international and external effects » side Japanese representative in the Foundation ( JICA ) on a loan of an additional capacity of 500 million dollars so as not to load balance the state burden of financial , has been approved on the amount of 453 million dollars the value of the  second loan , What Dell ‘s rate of participation to be 70% of the financing of foreign exchange for 30% financing local after adding the value of the land .

The Grand Egyptian Museum

– How to contribute to the airport Sphinx to facilitate the visit to Grand Egyptian Museum?

Sphinx airport 30 Min away from the area of Grand Egyptian Museum by car which will be a strategic area after finish the last stage of Grand Egyptian Museum Until Now Sphinx airport still on the establishment of phase I, there is a plan to become an international airport  globally to serve the whole region, and to be receive all types of aircraft , in all sizes and tourist private jet, and the will facilitate the procedures  for all coming tourists and visitors to go to the museum and the pyramids area , it achieves a number great number of tourists both from countries of Asia or Europe or America , In through minutes can access to the museum , and this is to facilitate the course of the visit , and up to the area of the plateau pyramids with all the ease , and will be managed from through the companies which is the selection and qualification for the management and operation of facilities Museum .

The Grand Egyptian Museum 7

– What about the bazaars and shopping area in the new planning ?

After development, which witnessed in the region, it will be adjusted entrances to the plateau pyramids , and be there are entrances to new areas Bazaars from the new road of Fayoum, which leads to the pyramids plateau, which is the entrance of the main tourists to the area, to be moving in a civilized , and decent tourists, and through the trade mall  which will be created, will be the entrance Mansuriyah current is a way out for tourists and entrance only to the residents of the region .

All Egyptians working in this trade seeks presence next to the entrance of the new plateau in this area after its development, and this is planning a state with the interesting side of the humanitarian, it will not come out of any citizen of his place by force anymore.

– What is the work plan of Grand Egyptian Museum after the opening?

There is a plan to operate services museum throughout the days of the week for a period of 24 hours daily, from through the management and operation of the area of services , the main halls will work from time 09.00 am until the 16.00 evening , and they are studying the vacuum closed by the museum and be another shift of work again, starting from the time 19.00 until the 21.00 evening  all proposals and suggestions will be implemented immediately .


The Grand Egyptian Museum map 8

– What activities will be included in Grand Egyptian Museum ?

It included a huge conference hall fit 9000 people,  Huge commercial center and 10 restaurants, including two terraces overlooking the Pyramids of Giza, and a lounge show, and a center for teaching crafts heritage and the arts traditional, libraries and spaces for concerts shows, and activities especially for children, and  a multi-purpose buildings.

– How many entrances to Grand Egyptian Museum ?

There are more than 7 entrances to the building , the first entrance for the Great Hall is dedicated to VIP visitors, the second entrance is for visitors and tourists , the third entrance is dedicated to the commercial area , the fourth entrance is for management , the fifth entrance is for the entry of artifacts , and the sixth and seventh are emergency entrances. .

– How many halls inside Grand Egyptian Museum ?

Divided the building into six lobes , the first item A , B Special hall of King Tut Ankh Amun , which contains the 5600 piece of treasures combined for the first time under one roof  , which is divided into two rooms , an area of each hall of 7000 square meters with a total area of 14 thousand square meters , and item C Special offer the heavy huge rock-cut status and monuments , and this part is open on a large triangle very along  up to 200 meters high, the Huge statue of king Ramses II and then all the pieces in the area, and up the number to 87 pieces and 8 pieces in the lobby More over the outstanding obelisk commentator which was added outside the museum and the rest of the six cloves item D , E , F Represents the basic display halls, which contains a 25,000 pieces , and there is a hall to display the temporary display  , which represents Egypt in opposition foreign and put pieces of alternative .

The Grand Egyptian Museum 8

– What is meant by the Great Hall of Grand Egyptian Museum ?

The Great all or the lobby, the first area to be accessible by all  visitors to the museum, the lobby includes, the main statue of King Ramses II , and the statues of King Senusret which were exhibited in the old Egyptian museum garden  and head Psammetik first , and column Merneptah , and the Great lobby contains at 108 Steps, up 26 meters, is about the high of a building of 9 floors, presents the largest archaeological pieces in the  museum and it could be accessed throughout four levels to enter .

Does the absence of the 166 pieces of the treasures of King Tut which displayed abroad will be affecting the opening?

These pieces represent Egypt abroad, and displayed in exhibitions and the world museums  on a journey last for a period of seven years , there is a great goal of these exhibitions , which contribute to the promotion of tourism , Egyptian and encourage visitors from different parts of the world , and watch the rest of the pieces that up the number to 5,600 pieces , as we have put pieces reproduced them and prepare to special explain  to the visitors, as we prepare a letter of apology for the absence at the opening .

– What about the green spaces surrounding Grand Egyptian Museum and how much of an area?

The museum is surrounded by 100 thousand meters of green areas and gardens that have the most important aromatic plants, trees and ancient Egyptian fruits such as « pomegranates, berries and dates », the cultivation of these species has a philosophy of design, a product for the museum only.

– How long it takes the visitor inside Grand Egyptian Museum ?

It will be so hard to visit the museum in one day, to see all the activities and archaeological pieces inside it .

 it is through studies and indicators , carried by the Ministry of Tourism , confirmed to us that the size of the nights tourist coming to Cairo from all global travel agencies  and local travel agencies , which are looking forward for the opening date has increased and has already been selling a visit Cairo until the year 2020, without knowing the date the final opening, the size of the sale visit to Egypt will be enormous too , it was planned before the establishment of the  grand museum of the number of tourist nights visit in Cairo, ranging from what between two days to three days at most , but what happened is the Art Sector number of nights tourist from 4 to 5 days , begins with tourists visiting the area the pyramids in the morning early in the ninth until the eleventh session up to a maximum of high degrees of heat , and then complete the journey in the  great museum, then Saqqara , located in the plan of the state for the development and establishment of services, and then goes to visit the Museum of Tahrir, and then complete the rest of the nights tourist in Khan El Khalili, the Citadel, Fatimid Cairo .. and in this form have a payoff big on all employees to tourism and to increase opportunities for employment .

– Do you have been taking into consideration older people and  those with special needs and disabilities?

The museum is designed on the latest systems to allow the visit to all categories of older people and those with disability  , there are ramps, electric stairs and prepared by way for wheelchairs too , and the number of large of the elevators and visit the museum even go to the far point , a « the golden Mask » for King Tut Ankh Amon , as was the provision of services and courses water intended for people with special needs and disability .

– Will you display the mummy of King Tut Hall of the display?

After a long studying the mummy of Tut and the display of another mummy said to be his wife or mother , it will be transferred   to the museum, while the rest of the mummies will be transferred to the Museum of Civilization, as announced by Dr. Khaled Al- Anani, Minister of Antiquities in the past months in a solemn procession .

– For the first time we will see an outstanding obelisk perhaps in the whole world what the reason of have it in The Grand Egyptian Museum ? 

The outstanding  obelisk will be placed outside the museum in front of the main entrance  in the field area of 30,000 meters and and it will be the first field of Egyptian Obelisks  , has been transferred number of three obelisks from many areas of the Sun Stone has been the establishment of two of the new administrative capital ‘s   , and it was from the share of the museum the great obelisk the third of King Ramses , when the transfer was surprised during the preview presence of « cartridge » at the base of the bottom , and headed for specialists in the effects to clarify the matter , and explained me that King Ramses was the digging his name from the bottom , because the kings in the past they are carving their works on the walls of the obelisks to commemorate their achievements, and it comes the king Else and removes the maps U private king who preceded it is the tradition of the old , but King Ramses was very consciousness , he decided that the Bangash cartridge own it and put it in the heel obelisk , but unfortunately , this part will be buried in the earth will see as one , and here came the idea in the development of design engineering to see it all of the passes Museum of through the columns that carry the obelisk , so to see the cartouche of King Ramses in a scene Badi unique of its kind at all in the whole world  , and sees visiting a particular cartridge at the height of three meters to see the greatness of the kings of Egypt .

It was the use of the Office Consultant a construction of the design structure of structural to the field to ensure installed are safe too , as it has been designing a tunnel around the rules for maintenance and peace of mind on the body of the obelisk , which has a height of 18 meters .. and affirm to the world all that the Egyptians are able to innovation , creativity and ideas of non – traditional

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